Day 1 (Basics, Recipes, Ingredients, Mindsets, Etc.)

 Yes                         No

Meat                     Dairy

Fruit              Grains/Starches

Veggies            Refined sugar

Seafood               Legumes

Nuts and Seeds  Processed food

Healthy Fats           Alcohol

   Drink lots of water!!!! 💦💦

Add: lemon and lime

 Breakfast: 🍳

(fruit or veggie with protein)

coffee with non dairy lightener

bacon and zucchini eggs in a nest

avocado bacon eggs

southwest egg bake

banana with almond butter

three-ingredient pancakes

pumpkin coconut smoothie


Snack: 🍎

(fruit or veggie with protein)

-Apples, nuts, grapes

-celery with almond butter

-Apple with almond butter

-apple “cookies”

-banana with almond butter

homemade nut bar

-fruit salad


Lunch: 🍜

(fruit or veggie with protein)

salad with chicken and bacon and avocado (salty)

salad with chicken and berries and avocados (sweet)

-chicken breast “sandwich” with avocado, bacon and spinach and olive oil mayo

almond flour chicken tenders with veggies and dip

Mediterranean salad (watermelon, basil, celery, red onion and pistachio)

Asian egg roll salad with sesame grilled chicken

pineapple burger



(fruit or veggie with protein)


American (burgers; caramelized balsamic onions and avocado burger,  pineapple bacon burgeralmond crusted chicken with zucchini noodlesmeatloaf, soup, sloppy joes, steak, buffalo chicken wings, buffalo chicken burgers, creamy butternut squash noodles with bacon and spinach, fish tacos)

Italian (spiralizied pasta with chicken or zucchini meatballs, spiralizied pasta with chicken Parmesan, broccoli pizza, shrimp scampi with zucchini noodlesspiralizied zucchini with lemon garlic and oil and chicken)

Mexican (chicken fajitas, shrimp tacos, taco bowlsMexican chicken stir fry)

Mediterranean (Lemon chicken, Greek salad with grilled chicken, lemon and garlic tilapia)

-Asian (shrimp chicken; honey chicken, sweet and sticky chickensesame chicken , sweet and sour, or steak stir fry  with cauliflower fried rice, egg roll bowl, zucchini noodle stir fry)

-Thai (chicken spiralized zucchini salad



banana almond butter ice cream

-coconut cinnamon ice cream

warm banana pecan coconut bowl

warm banana with almond butter, pecans, and cinnamon

chocolate chip cookies


fudgy avocado brownies

coconut pecan bars

-pan fried cinnamon bananas

sweet potato bowl

apple cinnamon muffins

coconut pumpkin bars

cinnamon sugar pumpkin donut holes

-pumpkin coffee cake



Drinks: 💦


-unsweetened iced tea


“Eat right and exercise not to look good but to FEEL good. Getting thinner is just a great side effect!”

“It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.”

“You didn’t get where you are from one salad and one workout. So you won’t get that far from one burger and an off day.”

“It’s okay to let go sometimes. But, when you fall, let go and ENJOY the ride!



Paleo-like Living

I’ve decided to create a blog to monitor my daily thoughts, feelings, fitness, and nutrition. Four years ago I took control of my life and lost 50 pounds. Since my wedding in December of 2015, I’ve lost control and have been indulging in married life. Although I am happier than ever, I’d like to make my health my top priority again.

I’ve been reading about the Paleo diet, also known as the Caveman Diet. Does it seem a little extreme? Yes. Can I live without processed food, diary, sugar, and alcohol? Yes. Will I cheat sometimes? Yes. This is life and life is about being in control of your feelings and actions, while enjoying life with the occasional indulgences.

I am extremely new to the Paleo diet. I don’t know much about it beside the basics, “You only eat what a caveman would eat.” I have created this blog to track my progress throughout my new lifestyle change. I know I will learn a lot throughout my journey. My main goal is to take control of my health to FEEL the best I can both mentally and physically. My main goal is NOT to loose a ton of weight and become skinny. Instead I’d like to become the healthiest version of myself possible. Welcome along for the ride!