Paleo-like Living

I’ve decided to create a blog to monitor my daily thoughts, feelings, fitness, and nutrition. Four years ago I took control of my life and lost 50 pounds. Since my wedding in December of 2015, I’ve lost control and have been indulging in married life. Although I am happier than ever, I’d like to make my health my top priority again.

I’ve been reading about the Paleo diet, also known as the Caveman Diet. Does it seem a little extreme? Yes. Can I live without processed food, diary, sugar, and alcohol? Yes. Will I cheat sometimes? Yes. This is life and life is about being in control of your feelings and actions, while enjoying life with the occasional indulgences.

I am extremely new to the Paleo diet. I don’t know much about it beside the basics, “You only eat what a caveman would eat.” I have created this blog to track my progress throughout my new lifestyle change. I know I will learn a lot throughout my journey. My main goal is to take control of my health to FEEL the best I can both mentally and physically. My main goal is NOT to loose a ton of weight and become skinny. Instead I’d like to become the healthiest version of myself possible. Welcome along for the ride!


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